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Green Scotland - Green Oakbank

Over 80% of visitors to Scotland say that the environment is what they like most about Scotland and its undoubtedly one of the most important resources to the Scottish tourism industry. At Oakbank we try to play our small part in preserving this crucial environment.
These are some of the measurements we have taken to reduce our impact to Scotland's beautiful environment.

  • we have used energy saving bulbs where possible.  These bulbs save 80% on energy and last 10x longer.  When they are replaced they will be returned to IKEA for re-cycling.
  • new double glazing windows have been installed in the whole apartment.  They are glazed with Low-E Glass, which has an invisible metal coating which improves thermal performance.
  • the loft has been insulated with 150mm insulation.
  • the central heating is powered by an 'A' energy rated combination boiler which is fully condensing, saves 10% on heating bills and has low NOx and CO2 emissions.
  • Our washing machine, dishwasher, fridge/freezer and cooker are all classified as 'A' rated in their energy class.  While less frequently used appliances such as the oven and dryer are 'B' rated.  The washing machine and dishwasher in addition have programmes such as 'quick-wash', ' eco' and 'half-load' to reduce on energy and/or water use.


The toilets in Oakbank have a dual flush system; press the smaller button and reduce the amount of water used to flush.



Recycling - "eliminate, reduce, reuse, recycle"

Angus is committed to the environment, has an exceptional reputation of recycling domestic waste, and has one of the highest rates of recycling in Scotland. Kerbside collection of glass, tins, paper and plastic bottles takes place on a Thursday in Edzell and we encourage our visitors to participate in this scheme.  Full information on all waste disposal and recycling is given in the information book for Oakbank visitors.


All furnishings in Oakbank have been purchased at IKEA.   IKEA firmly believe in "low price but not at any price".  All their products have to be free from hazardous substances and not use wood from devastated forests.  All IKEA suppliers have to have acceptable working conditions, no child labour and a responsible attitude to the environment. 



With bus stops a stone's throw from Oakbank, timetables of the local buses are provided for Oakbank guests to encourage the use of public transport.  Oakbank gives cyclists a special welcome and secure storage for bicycles has been provided in the back garden.